The sports betting world is full of free bets right now, and you can find the absolute best sites for these bets right here.

Top sportsbook sites for free bets

With the resurgence of sports all around the world right now, sports bettors are cashing in big time on some awesome free bets. We’ve taken the time to research the best sites for free sports bets at this moment in time, and you can see them all right here.

  • Foxbet
  • BetMGM
  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings

Foxbet – $1,000 welcome offer and much more


Foxbet is a fantastic sports betting site for NFL, PGA golf, NBA, and College sports. You can find more spots than just this on the site, although these are the main events where Foxbet tends to pump out plenty of free bets. Foxbet isn’t just great for reload promotions either – we haven't even taken into account the huge $1,000 welcome offer that's on the table. This works as a 100% deposit match up to $500, and your first sports bet is totally free up to the value of $500. As you can see, that’s a fair amount of free bets to be enjoyed immediately with Foxbet!

BetMGM – get a $500 risk-free bet plus plenty of reloads


By using our exclusive WABPLAY code, you can get a great free bet by signing up with BetMGM. This is a $500 risk-free sports wager, and it’s classed as risk-free because if you pick a losing market, your stake will be credited back to your account. Of course, should you select a winning market, you’ll get the winnings rather than the reimbursement – result!

BetMGM is also well known for pretty creative reload offers, and you can find free bets coming from cashback offers, extra deposit boosts, and more.

FanDuel – $500 insurance on your initial bet

FanDuel is another option for enjoying a whopping free bet just for signing up, as you can get a cashback reward of up to $500 if you don’t pick correctly on the first attempt. That’s a pretty solid deal, and FanDuel goes beyond just an enticing welcome offer. You can get parlay boosts, enhanced odds, and free bets for in-play markets.

Bet365 – one of the rising stars of the USA market


Bet365 is another sportsbook site operating in the New Jersey and Colorado markets, and free bets are plentiful on this site. Although bet365 do not generally award free bets, one of the greatest aspects of is this bookmaker's highly advanced mobile app. This means you are not chained to the desktop platform anymore, and bet365 has become a bit of an expert in .

DraftKings – $1,000 available for all new customers

As you can see from the headline above, DraftKings is supplying all new members with the potential of $1,000 in free bets immediately. There’s a 20% deposit boost that goes as high as $500 and a $500 risk-free opening sports wager promotion. This may be used on any of the close to 20 sports supported by DraftKings, which is one of the greatest welcome boosts we’ve seen this year.

These free bets can also be enjoyed after downloading the DraftKings mobile app, which can be installed on iOS and Android devices.

What you should check out before deciding on sportsbook free bets


Most free bets will come with some form of pre-requirement. In fact, they all do unless it’s a completely no deposit bonus. So, a pre-requirement is essentially what you must do in order to receive the stated free bet. It’s often the case that you’ll need to either deposit a set amount of funds or bet a set amount of cash to get a free bet.

As an example, you might need to bet $10 in order to receive a $20 free bet. The exact numbers and rewards are inevitably different for each site, and full details are usually shown in the terms and conditions.

Wagering terms

The good thing about free bets with sports is that the wagering requirements are often significantly lower than for casino offers. With that said, this doesn’t automatically mean that a site will have zero wagering conditions for all of its free bets. As there are so many free bets on the market today however, it’s important to seek out rewards where the wagering conditions are very low, and ideally – zero!

This means that once you’ve used your free bet and hopefully won some cash, you can withdraw the money immediately rather than having to go and invest more.

Flexibility of bonus

This can be interpreted in two ways. Flexibility can mean that you can place free bets from both the desktop and mobile devices, which is often the case. It can also mean that you are able to use a free bet on any of the available sports, rather than being restricted to a particular market. It’s always important to check these details to avoid disappointment.

After all, you wouldn’t want to get a free bet that can only be used on volleyball if you have no real interest in volleyball. That is just an example, but it applies to any and all sports that are available at your chosen sportsbook site.

Mobile options

It’s not always the case, but many sportsbook sites today have what is known as ‘mobile-exclusive’ bonuses. This means that they can only be claimed from a mobile site or a mobile app, and there are often further incentives to download a native app and place your wagers from there. As we said, it’s not a guarantee that your chosen site will have mobile exclusive free bets, but if they are available, make sure that you grab them with both hands.

Maximum reward

This might seem the most obvious out of the bunch, but let us explain it nonetheless. You should make sure that whatever the pre-requirement might be, that you then get as much of a reward relative to this initial investment as possible. If both sites require you to bet $10 in order to unlock a free bet, yet one site offers a $20 free bet and another offers a $30 free bet, you should, of course, go for the offer with the higher reward.

Technically speaking, the maximum reward isn’t solely the value of the free bets that you can get either. You might also find that somewhere in the small print, there may be a ‘maximum return’ that you can get. This just means that this is the most you can possibly win from the bonus, and sites can be quite crafty with this, so do take the time to read the small print.

Creating an account to get free sportsbook bets

nfl free bets

Pick a sports betting site

While we’ve listed the top 5 sportsbook sites for you in this post, there’s a whole range of sports betting sites out there today. Providing that you are living in a state where these sites are operational, you can sign up with them and start placing sports wagers. While we would recommend sticking to the sites we’ve listed as these are fantastic when it comes to free bets, the choice is ultimately yours.

Before you can make any sports bets however, you will have to open an account with at least one site to gain access to the markets.

Go through the registration process

After choosing your desired sportsbook site, you will need to sign up. This is often a very simple process at most sites these days, and all you need to provide is your date of birth, address, email, and full name to get the ball rolling. Do note that during the registration process, you may be asked to select a welcome offer, and if there is any specific promo code, you must enter this too.

Deposit funds

Before you can bet on your favorite sports, you must deposit funds into your brand new betting account. Some of the more common payment methods to do this include debit cards, e-wallets, bank transfers, and even prepaid cards. Sites tend to have a set deposit minimum too, which you must meet in order to successfully place funds into your account. This is usually just $5 or $10, and after depositing one time you are ready to make your sports wagers.

payment methods

Find a market and play

sports markets

The very best sportsbook sites have at least 10 or 15 sports that you can bet on. That’s a whole load of markets to choose from, and you can browse them at your leisure from either the mobile or desktop platform. After finding a market where you feel that the odds are reasonable and it’s an event you are interested in, you can then add it to your bet slip.

From here you must enter the amount you wish to bet, then click ‘place bet’.

FAQs – what you should be aware of for free bets

Are free bets an option for multiple sports?

Yes – it’s hardly ever the case where a site only offers free bets for a specific sport. You can usually enjoy free bets for sports like hockey, football, basketball, tennis, and more at the very best sportsbooks.

Will a site have free bets for new and existing customers?

Absolutely. Most of the time the free bets that you can get as a new customer are significantly higher than the existing customer offers, but it’s still good that most sportsbooks will create rewards for existing customers on a regular basis.

Where can I find what free bets a site has?

You can usually see this through a link that might be labeled as ‘bonuses’, ‘offers’, or ‘promotions’. These terms tend to be used interchangeably across the board, and it is within this section that you can see the whole range of bonuses available on a site.

Is there a way to check the specifics of an offer?

Yes, alongside the offer itself there should be a link to terms and conditions. This is where you can find the full information for any bonus, and it tends to include information such as wagering conditions, payment method restrictions, expiration dates, and other vital details you need to know about.

Can I only claim free bets from desktop sites?

No, it’s very common that the free bets you see on the main desktop site will also be listed on the mobile platforms too. This can be through a native app or the main mobile site, and some sportsbooks even have free bets that are exclusively for mobile customers.

For welcome offers, should I deposit with a specific payment method?

As a general rule of thumb, it’s advisable to make your first transaction using either a credit or debit card. For some reason, sportsbooks can occasionally render deposits made through alternative methods as being invalid concerning a welcome offer, so it’s better to just play it safe.

What is the difference between SNR and SR with free bets?

These are terms you might find in the terms and conditions of any other. SNR means ‘stake not returned’, meaning if your bet wins, you won’t then get the free bet added back to the payout. SR on the other hand means ‘stake returned’.

Can I only use a few free bets at a time, or are they unlimited?

You can use as many or as few free bets as you like, although you can only use as many as the site gives out.

Am I limited to just the free bets that my chosen site creates?

Not at all, for it’s perfectly legal to sign up with many different sportsbook sites. This means that you’ll have access to many more free bets than if you held an account with just one site.

Can I use free bets with multiple sportsbooks?

Yes – by signing up with multiple sportsbooks. However, you cannot transfer a free bet from one account to another, and a free bet can often not be transferred between internal products either, such as from the sportsbook to the casino.