Bet365 USA Registration Guide

If you are currently located in New Jersey or Colorado, I am super excited to announce the arrival of the legendary bet635 to the market. This brand is a bit of a global superstar, and the fact that it is now available in two states in the USA is a huge deal. The site has one of the top sportsbooks in the nation, with awesome odds and a ton of live streaming opportunities for its members.

If you want to learn a bit more about how you can get started with bet365, simply read on for full details.

Where can I use bet365 from

Bet365 is currently available in two major states – Colorado and New Jersey. You can still sign up to bet365 from outside of these states, but you won’t then be able to make sports wagers with real money, which is obviously not ideal.

So, assuming you are based in NJ or CO, you are in a prime position to get yourself set up with a new bet365 account. Just be wary however, as you cannot make sports bets from outside of these states borders, even if you initially signed up from within the borders.

Bet365, like other sites, uses geolocation technology to detect where players are making bets from, and violating the rules can have negative consequences on your account, so just stay aware of this.

Key features

So, just what is it that makes bet365 so special? Well, I can start by stating that it has some of the best live streaming options on the market. It’s not just the fact that bet365 streams so many events, it’s also the quality of these streams, which is generally fantastic.

On top of this, bet365 provides more than 15 different sports for you to bet on, which is one of the best ranges available right now. This includes events like soccer, basketball, tennis, and baseball, and the odds are hugely competitive for these markets. Finally, bet365 is very good for cash out options, as it regularly gives players a chance to fully cash out a bet, and even partially cash out a bet.

I should mention that all of these features are accessible from an incredible mobile app too, which is open for use on iOS and Android.

Opening your account

If you like the look of what bet365 has available so far, you’ll be pleased to know that all of this could be open to you within a few minutes. That’s how long it takes to visit the bet365 website, run through the registration process, and have an account fully setup. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however – here’s how you can actually create a brand new bet365 account.

  1. Locate the registration page

If you’ve downloaded the bet365 app, you’ll see a yellow join button in the center of the screen. If you’re using the bet365 desktop site, you’ll find this join button towards the top right-hand corner. Just click this button to open up the sign-up process.

  1. Create your new username and password

Bet365 follows the same process as any other sportsbook site, in the respect that you must make a username and create a password to access the site. You must create a username that isn’t currently in use by another member, and make sure that you save the password once you’ve entered it in case you forget it.

  1. Give necessary address and personal details

You’ll be asked to enter your full NJ or CO address, as to verify your actual registered location. After this, you must enter your name, title, gender, and date of birth. All of this is just to verify that you are who you say you are, and bet365 does not store data with the intention of passing on any details to third party companies. Use the bet365 registration coupon to complete your account.

  1. Agree to terms and conditions

While this is mandatory before you can open your account, you can also specify how you’d like to receive marketing materials (if at all). After checking the necessary boxes, you can then just finish the process to officially open your account.

Make your first deposit

With an account now open and ready for use, it’s time to actually put some funds in your account to use. There is a $10 deposit minimum with bet365 right now, which is quite low compared with other sites, and there are many different payment methods you can actually use. You may want to deposit with a bank transfer, with a debit card, or with a prepaid card, all of which are available.

Deposits can be made via the bet365 mobile app, as well as through the main desktop page. It’s just as easy to deposit funds on both platforms, and you can also save a payment method combined with the deposit amount for later. This will speed up the entire process for whenever you’d like to make a deposit again, which can be important if you see a nice live betting market.

Keep in mind that with bet365, you’ll likely need to withdraw any funds back to the same method you used for your most recent deposit. This shouldn’t be a major obstacle for anybody really, but just keep it in mind.

Enjoy the site

After running through all of these little steps to get yourself set up with bet365, it’s time to relax and start to actually enjoy the product. With bet365 the sportsbook is the main product, which is perfect if all you are interested in is sports betting, but you can also switch over to a lesser-known casino product too. This is a great way to mix things up and keep it interesting when you are using the bet365 platform.

As with all forms of betting and gambling, do make sure that you track your spending as well as the time spent on the site. This will keep everything fun and lighthearted, and prevent any financial issues arising from using an online betting site.