Check out our selection of the best sports betting apps currently available in the USA, all listed within this post.

Sports betting apps that are a cut above the rest

Sports betting apps are becoming more and more advanced as the years roll by. We’ve handpicked some of the top sports betting apps in the market right now, and these guys are way ahead of the pack. Check out the list right here:

BetMGM – a very solid sports betting app

Within the BetMGM app, which is currently available for download on Android and iOS, you can bet on 20 different sports. This is a very respectable range compared with the number of sports you will find with other betting brands, and there is more to it than just a good range. The app allows for one-click deposits, which is highly convenient when you're on the go, and you can also bet on a great range of live markets.

FanDuel – sophistication and style combined

FanDuel offers one of the most appealing sportsbook apps concerning the way it actually looks. You really get the feeling of using a highly sophisticated sports betting app once you have downloaded it, and the app can be accessed on iOS and Android devices. FanDuel has covered plenty of major North American sports such as football and basketball, but it is also one of the few sites that offer sports betting markets for Collegiate events.

This means that you can bet on events like March Madness straight from your mobile device, which is of course highly convenient.

William Hill – one of the easiest apps to use in

Unless you are quite experienced with using sports betting apps, it can be a little bit intimidating at first to get things started, with most apps. This isn't the case with William Hill however, as the app is very simple to use even if you are a beginner. The layout is just so simple with this app, which is what we love. It has a no-nonsense approach with all sports listed on the left and markets in large print in the middle of the screen.

DraftKings – plenty of advanced betting features to enjoy

The DraftKings sportsbook app is definitely more suitable for those who have used sports betting apps before. It's not that you cannot use this app if you are a beginner, it is just that you will need to go through a bit of a learning curve first of all. One of the cool things about the DraftKings app is just how many advanced features users can enjoy.

The app has a ton of live betting markets, live streaming for certain sports, options to cash out sports bets, and you can even access community betting tips. This is why we feel that the DraftKings sportsbook app is one of the most advanced apps available on the market today.

Unibet – showing great promise in

Unibet is still somewhat new in the USA, yet the sportsbook app is excellent. It has a significant number of sports for you to bet on, and this includes leagues like NHL, NFL, and NBA. It's also an excellent site for those who enjoy live streaming!

What you need to look at before choosing a sports betting app

Quality of odds

This isn’t always the first thing that people look at when assessing a sports betting app, but it really should be, as it can make a big impact over time. Basically, you want to make sure that the odds that are available with your chosen provider are competitive with what other betting brands are offering. There is not much point in seeking out a site that regularly provides odds below the market average for any event, as you will lose out on a lot of value over time.

Streaming services

Not all sports betting apps have implemented streaming services in , but the best sites have made a conscious effort to include as much streaming as possible. By having access to streaming services, you can place wagers on your favorite sporting events while also watching the event from the app. Of course, this means that you do not need to be sitting at home all day and waiting for your event to begin. You can simply pull up the app from wherever you may be, and begin the streaming service with one click.

Range of sports

It goes without saying that people prefer to bet on different sports, and that's just a fact of the industry. You may love betting on basketball, where somebody else may prefer to bet on soccer, and this is all down to individual preference. With that being said, by finding sports betting apps that cover a wide range of sports, you will always have the flexibility to bet on different events at will. This is important, as you just never know when you may start wanting to place wagers on different sports.

Cash-out options

The days of biting your nails and waiting for the end of the game that you have bet on are now over. This has been the case ever since sports betting apps started to introduce cash out options. When an app provides these options, it just means that you can cash out your bet before the conclusion of the event, and you can take the profit without waiting for the game to finish. Of course, by doing this you can make sure that you at least win some cash, but then you just never know if your initial bet will prove to be a winner at the end of the game.

Payment methods

Just like people prefer to bet on different sports, people also prefer to manage their finances online through different methods. That is why it is important to find a sports betting app where there are multiple methods available, as this gives a greater chance that your desired payment method will be listed. In addition to this, it also means that if your deposit fails for whatever reason, you always have a backup option.

Welcome offer

Arguably, one of the most important things to consider is the welcome offer. By finding a sports betting app where a valuable offer is available, you can almost trial the betting markets without risking too much of your own money – as a bonus will greatly help out with this. Not all welcome offers have been created equal however, so it's important to look through the terms and conditions before diving in with any welcome bonus.

The process of installing a sports betting app and getting things started

Choosing a site

By using the tips and considerations that we’ve highlighted in the category above, you need to apply them and choose a site. This is the very first thing you must do before downloading any sports betting app, and it’s arguably the most important step in the process. You should make sure the site has a great welcome offer, decent sports markets, competitive odds, and that it is a licensed brand in the first place!

Installing the app

After choosing your preferred site, it is then time to install the sports betting app so that you can make your wagers on the go. So, if you have an Android device, you must actually download the app directly from the mobile site, as Google Play currently does not support gambling apps within the store. If you have an iOS device however, the download process is easier. All you must do is type in the name of your site into the App Store, and download the app as you would with any other mobile app.

Making a deposit

Now that you have downloaded the correct version of the app, you are going to need to fund your account before you can make any real money bets. You must login before you can do this, and then navigate to the deposits section of the app. Most apps show what methods are available for you to make a deposit, then you can simply choose a method and enter the amount that you wish to deposit.

Placing your first bet

With the app downloaded and money in your account, you are ready to place your very first sports bets. You should be able to see all of the available sports within the main sportsbook, and then all you need to do is choose a market that looks appealing, choose how much you would like to bet, and then proceed to actually place the wager. There is nothing more to it than that.

FAQs concerning the top sports betting apps in the market

Must I have a strong internet connection to make sports bets on mobile?

It is definitely recommended to have a strong internet connection if you are trying to make in-play sports bets, as it's important that the bet processes as quickly as possible to get the odds you've seen. If you are simply placing pre-match bets however, having a strong internet connection isn't as crucial.

Do I need to enter any kind of code to secure a welcome bonus?

If you do need to enter a specific code to secure a welcome offer, this will always be highlighted within the advertisement of the bonus. You can always double-check this by looking at the terms and conditions as well, as it should clarify any sort of concerns about needing to enter a promo code.

Can I make my first deposit with any available method?

Technically yes, although we would always recommend making your first deposit with the use of a debit card where possible. This is because some sites are a little bit funny about some deposit methods not qualifying towards a welcome offer, so it's better to play on the safe side.

Is there a way to contact customer support from the sportsbook app?

Sure, there should be a link somewhere within the app that says help or contact us. By clicking this link you will be presented with what options you may use to speak with the support team, and you should also be able to see the support hours too.

Where do I actually see my cash out options?

You can always see what cash out options you currently have by navigating to your in-play bets. It is here that you can see what the value of your cash out will be, and you can also choose to cash out this bet with just the push of a button.

Where can I find what payment methods are available?

After logging into the sportsbook app, you should head to the deposits page, and here you will be able to see what payment methods are supported with that particular site.

What are the requirements for live streaming?

This can vary from site to site, however, it is quite common that you will need to maintain some money in your account so you can access live streaming. In some cases, you might need to actually bet on the event itself so that you can watch it.

What is the minimum bet I can place?

Once again, this can vary slightly from site to site. As a general rule of thumb, most sites will enforce a $1 bet minimum for a pre-match market.

Can I check the license of a betting site somewhere?

The actual betting license should be listed within the sportsbook app, and you may then check out this number on the main website of the governing body that has issued a license in the first place.

How quickly will winnings appear in my account?

Unless you have won an alarmingly huge amount for any single sports bet, winnings should appear in your real cash balance immediately.