Seeking the best sports betting bonuses in the USA? Read on for full details.

Sports betting brands with the best bonuses in

If there is one thing that all sports bettors love receiving with any online sports betting brand, it has to be bonuses. The best sports betting sites in have some absolutely awesome welcome offers on the table as well, which is why we've listed the top sites when it comes to bonuses right here:

FanDuel – $500 risk-free sports bet

After creating an account with FanDuel, you can enjoy a rather large $500 risk-free sports wager for your very first bet. This doesn't mean that you have to bet the full $500, it just means that everything up to and including this amount will be reimbursed by FanDuel if your initial prediction does not become a winner. While this provides a nice degree of insurance, you will also get the winnings from this initial bet if you predict correctly.

DraftKings – $1000 worth of welcome bonuses

As you can see, DraftKings has an absolutely awesome welcome offer right now. You can get the same $500 risk-free bet that you can with FanDuel, yet DraftKings has an extra gear as well. You can also enjoy a 20% deposit match for your very first deposit, and you can get as much as $500 through this promotion. In total, this means that the maximum reward you can get for simply signing up with DraftKings is $1,000.

Unibet – $10 completely free, no deposit needed

Unibet might not have as large a welcome offer as the other sites on this list, but it is one of the few sites that give you a chance to bet on the sports markets for free. That's right, you do not need to deposit a dime to receive the $10 free bet – all you need to do is open an account. You can use this $10 on any of the available sports markets with Unibet as well, meaning that the Unibet bonus is not as restricted as some of the other ones.

William Hill – up to $160 free sports bets

Just like Unibet, William Hill also gives new players a $10 free bet just for signing up. In addition to this, you can enjoy a further $150 thanks to the William Hill 100% deposit match welcome offer. In order to get the $10 free cash for signing up, you will need to use the code WH150 during the registration process, otherwise, you’ll miss out.

Clearly the William Hill welcome offer isn't quite as high as some of the other leading providers on this list, yet you should know that William Hill is a fantastic site for creative existing player offers. This is why the William Hill platform is highly desired by players from all over the USA, mainly due to the value that is constantly available.

Factors to consider when looking for the best sports betting bonuses

Wagering conditions

These are often shown in the terms and conditions of a site's sports betting bonuses. The wagering condition is what you must actually spend on the site using your own money before you can withdraw winnings that have resulted from the bonus. These can make an enormous difference as to the perceived value of the bonus itself, so it's incredibly important to assess these before just jumping in and taking an offer.

In the world of sports betting, there are many sites out there that will create the bonuses with zero wagering requirements, which is exactly what you should be looking for.


There are plenty of sports bonuses where betting sites require you to actually invest something first of all. Now, obviously you want to try and invest as little as possible in order to receive the reward. For example, we wouldn't consider a bonus to be particularly appealing if you had to first wager to $50 in return for $10. You want to try and ensure that the pre-requirement is at least equal to the reward that you stand to receive, for instance – bet $10 to receive $10, but ideally even more.

Potential reward

This is closely related to the point we have previously mentioned, as you want to try and get as much free cash as you possibly can with sports betting bonuses. There is nothing wrong with this at all, and it is simply a tactic that all sports bettors should use in an attempt to extract as much value as possible. We stated previously that you want to try and make sure that the reward is at least equal to the initial investment required to obtain it. However, we would consider the reward to be beneficial if it is at least double or more of what you've had to spend.

For example, if you had to place a sports wager of $10 but then you would receive $30 in exchange, we would consider this to be a decent reward.

Bonus flexibility

This factor can be overlooked at times, but we feel it is crucial to draw attention to it. When you get a sports betting bonus, it is important to note first of all that you can only use this bonus within the sportsbook. It is incredibly rare that you can then transfer your free bet to the casino or any other product, so we will assume that the bonus can only be used within the sportsbook for this example.

In terms of flexibility, you want to be able to use your bonus on any of the sports that are listed within an online sportsbook. It's not much use in receiving a $10 free bet if you can only use it on table tennis if you do not know anything about table tennis, not to mention whether you’d enjoy betting on it or not!

Reload promotions

Once you have made the most of a welcome offer on your chosen sports betting site, you need to then look at the existing player promotions to continue receiving bonuses. This is true of every single sports betting site that you sign up with, so reload promotions really do play a pivotal role in how much value you can get from a site. We like to look for sites that have plenty of reload promotions such as sports betting insurance, cashback rewards, enhanced odds, profit boost, and additional deposit matches.

Signing up with the sites that have the best bonuses

Decide on a betting platform

There are plenty of sports betting platforms in the USA right now, and you must ultimately discover which one is suitable for your needs. There is no rush to decide on a site, as it is important to assess all of the key features that make a quality sports betting site in the first place.

Open an account

When you have finally reached a decision on what sports betting site you wish to sign up with, you must then register through the main website. You’ll usually find either a register button or a join now button located somewhere on the homepage, and you must click this button so that you can then go through a few short steps and open your account. You typically need to provide details such as your address, date of birth, and your full name to get things started.

Claim the welcome bonus

Different sites have a different process that you must actually go through in order to claim the welcome bonus. There are sites out there where you must claim your welcome bonus during the sign-up process, and there are many sites where you can then claim the welcome bonus after you've opened an account. Full details will usually be shown within the promotions link of a site, and do take your time to thoroughly understand the ins and outs before going ahead.

Deposit and play

Now you are finally ready to roll and begin placing your first sports betting wagers. Of course, since you will actually be placing sports bets with real money, it's important that you actually fund your account with real money. Some of the best sites will have multiple methods for you to use in order to fund your account, so this last step should be quite simple to complete. All you need to do is sign in and go through the deposit link to complete the process.

FAQs – all about sports betting bonuses in the USA

What are the best sports betting leagues in North America?

Some of the more popular sporting leagues in North America include the MLB, NHL, NBA, and the NFL. You will often find that sports betting sites create tailored bonuses for these leagues as well, so keep a close eye out for that.

Do all sites have a bonus code for offers?

No, not every sports betting site will have a specific bonus code that you must enter in order to receive a bonus. This will always be specified within the promotions page of the site as well, so you can always find details of this here.

Can I claim sports bonuses on my mobile device?

Yes, usually the offers that you can find on a desktop site can also be found from a mobile site. This is fairly standard with all sports betting platforms, but you should always double-check that this is the case with your chosen site.

Can I be sure that I am eligible for a welcome bonus?

Well, it is reasonably easy to check whether you are eligible to obtain a welcome offer or not. You just have to make sure that you haven't previously had an account with that sports betting provider, and that you meet the legal gambling regulations in whichever state you are located in.

Do some sites really give free cash with no deposit needed at all?

Yes, they really do! The only thing with no deposit bonuses however, is that you'll often find that there are higher wagering conditions since the site has basically given you a free shot at winning some money. Full details of this can always be found within the terms and conditions.

What does it mean if a bonus has zero wagering requirements?

This means that you do not need to then go ahead and spend any of your own cash in order to withdraw any bonus winnings, which is always preferable.

Can I only use a certain number of bonuses each month?

Not at all, you can use as many different bonuses as you like in any given month. The only thing we would say is that if you only ever bet using bonuses, you might find that this is frowned upon by your chosen betting site, and your account could be restricted.

What happens if I fail to meet the bonus conditions?

If you fail to meet any of the bonus conditions, especially when it comes to the wagering requirements, you will simply surrender any benefits that you have obtained from that specific promotion.

Is there such a thing as ‘mobile-only’ bonuses?

Absolutely, some sites have mobile-only bonuses that can be unlocked by downloading the mobile app, or by accessing the site via the mobile version.

Can I cash out bets made through welcome offers?

Most of the time you cannot cash out a bet that has been placed using a welcome offer, as this can often lead to you surrendering your rights to the bonus. Once again, just check with the terms and conditions to make sure that this is the case.