DraftKings Registration Guide

DraftKings is without question one of the most successful and prestigious sports betting brands in America right now. It is actually one of the most influential brands concerning the legalization of sports betting in the USA back in 2018, yet DraftKings is more than just a game-changing brand. It offers a fantastic sports betting product, a reasonable casino, and a vast fantasy sports betting service for its members.

Interested in finding out how you can get things started with DraftKings? Simply check out the information contained in the categories below.

Signing up for DraftKings’ multiple products

As we’ve highlighted above, DraftKings is a site that consists of several different products. Now, here’s where some players can get confused, as they believe that it’s necessary to open many different accounts for each of the different products. This actually isn’t the case, for you can sign up through the main sportsbook page in order to gain access to the fantasy contests, casino, and the sportsbook itself.

We will get to the actual process of how to do this shortly, but for now, we need to address a more appealing factor that you need to be aware of – the DraftKings welcome bonus.

Welcome bonus

We hope you’re sitting comfortably, for this welcome bonus has shocked many with just how valuable it has proved to be. When you sign up with the DraftKings site, there’s a grand total of $1,000 that you can lock by simply registering and following a couple of short pre-requirements.

First of all, you can deposit and bet as much as $500 on a sports market that takes your fancy, and if this bet loses, DraftKings will add the money back to your account. You literally cannot lose with this opening bet, but you can certainly win! Of course, if you win then the money will be added to your cash balance, and you’ll have no need for the insurance that comes with this initial bet.

If that doesn’t quite seem good enough, DraftKings is also handing out a 20% deposit match for brand new sign-ups. Once again, the maximum reward here is $500, making the welcome bonus a total of $1,000, and also making the offer as a whole one of the most rewarding in the country.

Just be aware that you can only take advantage of this offer if you are best in one of the states where DraftKings operates. This includes Pennsylvania, Colorado, West Virginia, Indiana, and New Jersey. If you have a registered address in one of these states, the welcome offer is all yours.

Creating your account

Before you can take advantage of the welcome bonus, and indeed any of the features of the DraftKings site, you must create an account. This can be done from both the mobile platforms and the main desktop site, although which platform you do it from is completely up to you. The process is the same either way, and we’ve shown exactly what you must do to open an account with DraftKings below.

  1. Initiate the process

There’s a set registration process that you must go through to set yourself up with a DraftKings account. To kick this process off, you need to visit the actual DraftKings homepage and click the ‘sign up for free’ button. By doing this, the welcome offer will already be applied to your account too.

  1. Choose your state

Given that DraftKings has a site that is operational in many different states, you’ll need to specify the state you are in before continuing. This is actually the very first step in the process before you even have the chance to enter your details and make sure that you choose correctly. DraftKings will use this information when checking your geolocation before making any sports bets.

  1. Provide your details

DraftKings will ask that you give details including your date of birth, name, contact details, and address so that you can open an account. This isn’t to collect any sensitive data about you, it’s just a legal requirement and it’s nothing particularly intrusive.

  1. Finish the process and sign in

With the necessary details provided, all that’s left to do is end the process so that you can sign in and start enjoying the DraftKings site. You will be asked to agree to a few terms and conditions before opening the account, but this is a really quick part of the process. Simply agree to the terms and officially sign up.

Make your first deposit

After successfully creating your account, the DraftKings site will be fully open for you to enjoy. You will now have unrestricted access to the casino platform, the sportsbook, and the fantasy sports section too. However, you’re not quite over the hurdle yet, for you still need to add some funds to your account in order to make any real-cash wagers.

Here’s the good part about DraftKings – it has a bunch of different methods that you can use, so you won’t be too restricted at all. At the time of writing, DraftKings supports bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and e-wallets for members to process deposits. The deposit minimum is relatively friendly too, as you only need to deposit $5 to get things started!

Browse the products and bet

After signing up, you have instant access to three separate products with DraftKings – the casino, fantasy sports, and the main sportsbook. It is then completely up to you for where you spend your money, and this all depends on what you have signed up for in the first place. If you are a huge sports betting fan, we would advise that you then experiment with any of the exciting sports markets that DraftKings has.

If sports betting doesn’t really get the competitive juices flowing however, feel free to look into the fantasy sports section or the casino. We would say that the sportsbook is one of the most advanced products that DraftKings has, but again, it’s down to personal preference for what you’d like to bet on.